Carlsbad Danish Bakery crafting Kransekage for your special occasion, Kringle, and Rugbrød ...........................Read below!
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Simple Cake

Simple Cake

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Remember our Original made from scratch cakes in the 80's? They are coming back at a new location! No cake mix cakes, just the original Carlsbad Danish Bakery recipe from 1984. 

Delicious, moist, and the buttercream is oh so good.

We are fully booked, will open up ordering when available.

Your cake will look like the cake number below with the exception for the size you pick.. For a custom cake, please Click Here.

6" 2 layer feeds 2-4 people

6" 4 layer feeds 5-6

8" 2 layers feeds 6-8

8" 4 layers feeds 10-12

Larger available depending on schedule


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